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Database subsets are small, referentially correct, versions of larger systems. Such cut-down schemas are typically provided to test, dev and training teams. The DataBee software automates the creation of such "smaller-but-complete" databases.

What Does DataBee Do?

The DataBee software automates the process of creating referentially correct cut down "subset" versions of Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Why Do You Want DataBee?

To save time and money. Using small, easily refreshed subsets of production data as test and development environments can considerably reduce your maintenance costs. (more info)

How Does DataBee Do What It Does?

Simple rules model the relationships between the data columns. You request a base set of data and the DataBee software does everything necessary to ensure that all of the supporting data is extracted from the source database and loaded into the target. (more info)

What Platforms and Databases does DataBee Support?

Oracle and SQL Server. The DataBee software is installed on a Windows PC and connects to the databases using the standard database mechanisms (SQLNet/TNSNames or ADO). There are no server side binary components to install and all recent database versions and operating systems are supported. Please note that the extracted data is never downloaded to the PC running the DataBee software. All extraction and load operations take place entirely on the remote servers. (more info)