For over a decade, Net 2000 Ltd. has provided innovative tools for Oracle and SQL Server databases. We are committed to our products and offer proven, cost effective solutions. Our customers include a wide variety of corporate, government and not-for-profit institutions. The people at Net 2000 Ltd. believe in quality and this ethic is implemented at every level of the organization. Our software is well designed and is world class in terms of functionality, speed and intuitive ease of use. The education, training and individual support we offer is second to none and provides our customers with the skills they need to quickly implement effective data masking and subsetting solutions.

We continually improve our software products and continue to make enhanced releases available as optional downloads to all of our customers. Furthermore, we listen to the users of our software and are prepared to add features to meet their specific needs. As our many customers will attest, the Net 2000 Ltd. development team frequently adds new capabilities and options, at no cost to the end user, to address their individual requirements.

Service, for us, is a mission and our support team is capable and technically competent at an unusually high standard. Customers, or prospective customers, when talking to our support team reach someone able and capable of addressing the issue. Technical questions and problems are handled promptly and resolved quickly.

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Sanitizes and Generates Test Data

The Data Masker software sanitizes sensitive information in test Oracle databases by replacing it with realistic looking but false data. Since the Data Masker retains the look-and-feel of the original information, the database remains perfectly usable for development but the data content is secure. The Data Masker can also generate data in order to initially populate test databases.

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Creates Referentially Correct Cut-Down Database Subsets

DataBee extracts data from large Oracle databases and builds small referentially correct test databases. Using DataBee to create small, easily refreshed and referentially correct subsets for your development teams can save a lot of time and money.

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Generates Schema DDL Rebuild Scripts

The freeware DDL Extract Wizard reads Oracle Export files and will extract and display the DDL CREATE statements contained within. Global or specific rules can be added which will manipulate the DDL statements to change optional parameters. The extracted DDL statements can be saved as SQL build scripts or as an HTML tree documenting the